Our collection features our signature craftsmanship and is designed impeccably to signify opulence. With a concoction of detailed embellishments, unique designs and immaculate handwork, bringing effortlessly chic pieces to your wardrobe. Festivibe always tries to provide luxurious care and support for every individual client, keeping in mind that everyone is different and so are their choices. We try to provide our customers with all kinds of customisation they prefer. Our designers and local artisans work day and night to establish this customer-oriented luxurious brand.

Let’s take a small tour to see what varieties this brand has to offer!

Festivibe Bridal

Embellished to perfection, our Bridal Couture showcases a contemporary collection of intricately crafted royal silhouettes. Our timeless pieces of grandeur are delicately assembled, especially to personify the elegance of the modern bride.

All our bridal pieces are made with very detailed hard work by our local artisans. Our designer take inspiration from different medium of their surrounding to make that one of a kind bridal outfit for you. We believe detailing and originality with a touch of glam is the perfect balance to create a vibeable outfit for you.

Step into our exquisite Bridal pieces that are a beautiful vision of tradition and rich culture. Our latest bridals are reminiscent of old world charm, exuding sheer royalty but with an amalgamation of contemporary twists that are signature of our brides.

We have launched the most premium collections for men. All collections are fabricated through hand work with full attention to details. Punjabis made with comfortable fabric and to make sure you stand out at any crowd.

Customisation and consultancy

Our brand’s main focus is to deliver what the clients fantasizes. Every person is different and so are their choices. In this trending generation of fashion, staying unique and standing out from the crowd is one of the essential goal. We are offering complete customisation, where you can put forward your own idea & design, then consult with our in-house designers to come up with something totally new and exclusive.

Let your distinctive personality flaunt with a luxury vibe!

Let be your birthday, engagement, anniversary, bbf’s wedding or for any special occasion we’ve got you covered.

Fabrics & Materials

Clothes today are made from a wide range of different materials. Traditional materials such as cotton, linen and leather are still sourced locally. Here at festivibe we collect fabrics local & globally to give the customer the most premium collections in the industry.

We believe that embellishment is the main icon to make the dress or the person wearing it stand out. Therefore we invest our time and effort in embellishing with the best materials. From exquisite crystals to refined pearls, we have it all to give you the luxury vibe.

The brand has grown organically, learning the crafts and developing an expertise in hand embroidery, machine embroidery, hand painting, digital printing, cutting, and stitching.


Giving utmost priority to that we have our skilled professional Bangladeshi and foreign designers. They are constantly taking inspiration from their eccentric view keeping in mind the updated taste to ratify their piece of art in modern style clothing.


How many times have we brought designer wear and known the tailors and craftsmen behind the scene? Almost never. In Festivibe, we proudly showcase our skilled artisans who are the driving force behind this brand.

Behind every piece of Festivibe outfit is a long journey of not just the dress itself but also of the people working to bring each dream outfit to reality. The journey of our pieces starts from a sketch to a complete form and in order to do that we have artisans with us from all over Bangladesh.

Their contribution in making this luxurious brand is the most valuable. Providing for their livelihood is not just a method of process for us but merely a pleasure also.

We share our clients’ reviews with our artisans before sharing it with the world as they are the ones who have worked so hard and the smile they have on their face after seeing someone appreciating their work, is simply precious.

School of artisans

“School of Artisans” is a CRS project lead by Festivibe. A specfic percentage of the profit is shared with the underprivileged people for their well-being.

High fashion has a strong tradition of being vilified for its unethical and environmentally unfriendly business activities. Festivibe, one the renowned fashion brands in Bangladesh, is actively performing in the CSR activity from the beginning.

This project is concentrated to empower the women of Bangladesh. Training them with professional craftsmen from different of work to increase employment rate and provide for their livelihood.

Our professionals personally train them to bring out the best outcome and different techniques aswell. The whole idea behind it was to spread out the training skills for those who cannot actually go out of their homes to learn something new.

An opportunity for the underprivileged people of our country to join us in this journey.

The brand continues to grow in other lines of fashion and has launched a western line.

The vision of the brand is to empower the women styling it. The boldness of the garments gives a style statement which garnishes and reflects the traditional aspects in a modern way.


Helesya is our sister’s concern that is focusing on Couture. Keeping in mind our esteemed clients who enjoy dragging their taste more internationally. Our concept here is to give you that fancy ballroom outfit to bold drama.

We have launched this Brand under USA LLC where currently we are available in our ecommerce platform.

Haute Couture

Artistically illustrated and pushing the boundaries of fashion with vibrant and classically chic silhouettes, FESTIVIBE merges drama with refinement in our fusion collection. Featuring immaculately different patterns layered on premium, lush canvases, our exclusive collections are truly timeless.

Focusing on the ability to combine our unique handcrafted skills and aesthetic influence with high fashion sensibility, FESTIVIBE continues to offer fashion through broad spectrum accessibility. From exotic Elegance and Bold Glamour to the Red Carpet Drama, this brand is adored by everyone in the industry.

You are definitely going to discover your dream outfit within your budget here. Thus, this merry season, adorn yourself with our stunning pieces. Track down the one that suits your persona. We promise to be consistent with the quality of our products.


House – 76, Level – 03, Banani – 12,
Dhaka – 1213, Bangladesh.