Our Superheroes

In a world filled with fashion enthusiasts how many of us take the time to think about the people who are making it all happen?
Well in Festivibe, we try our best to value our core artisans and craftsmen who work day and night to establish this customer-oriented luxury brand. The top designers could design the best outfit, the marketer can plan the best campaign but they would all go to waste if our artisans didn’t put their heart and soul into weaving the finest detailed pieces into a real form outfit. Therefore, we proudly present to you our ‘Superheroes’.
Brands focus on promoting their products only but here at Festivibe, we promote it all. We visit the Studio, where all the art is made, with joy. Creating valued relationships with skilled craftspeople. We provide our artisans with the best health and financial benefits for them to think long-term plans. And from performance bonuses to overtime wages we make sure to keep the whole bunch motivated. Our utmost interest is to help these talented souls get their deserving platforms to shine.
Our brand redefines luxury in many more ways than one can think. From using planet friendly fabrics and explicit embellishments to the livelihood of the people behind it. Shop our fine art and vibe with Festivibe!

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